Saturday, August 25, 2018

Homes Wanted !

We are always on the lookout for suitable homes for our cats and kittens.

This page of the website has details of the cats and kittens needing somewhere to live, many have been traumatised by their experience and require time and patience.  We are currently caring for over 40 felines - young and old, and if you think that you could offer such a home please contact us by email

Please bear in mind that although most people prefer to have a young cat or kitten, we do have a number of older cats who are desperate to move into a new home. Often they have a sad background and it would be great if they could settle down again in their later lives.

However, Catwel has to be satisfied that the new home meets certain standards and a home visit will be required. When you contact us, please provide the following information:

Your address, including the postcode;

If a tenant, we require your landlord's written agreement;
Whether there is access to a garden;
Whether you have other animals;
Whether there are young children;
A contact telephone number.

Also, remember to click on the different months under "Archives" at the bottom of the right hand panel. There may be other cats and kittens waiting for homes.
If you are able to help, or if you would like more information, you can contact us by telephone or e-mail.

(including the above information)  

Facebook: catwel-cardiff cat charity

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Barley and Vanish ( Mum&Son)

These two lovely cats are Mother and Son. Both were a little shy when they came in but now are so friendly. If you feel you could give this lovely pair a new loving home please email please note a home visit will be required.

Bogwoppit and Jeremiah -Reserved

These lovely brothers are in need of a home together. They are neutered and chipped and are 4 years old. They have such a sweet nature and love fuss and cuddles. Please note a home check will be required. Please email us

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Rocky - homed

This is Rocky. This boy needed a dental when he came in and now he hasnt many teeth left. He is approx 8-9 years old again shy to begin with. Likes other cats. He is a big cat. x 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jenny and Julie - homed

This is Jenny and Julie. These sisters are looking for a home together. They are 12 months old and are spayed and microchipped and ready to go. If you could offer these two beautiful girls a home please email us Please note a home check will be required.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Rambo - homed

This is Rambo. He is approx 4-5 years old again he is another big cat. He can be a little shy at first but soon settles. He likes other cats. x x x

Riley- homed

This is Riley. He has had a dental when he arrived and is approx 6-8 years old. Very large cat but does get on with other cats. Would be happy to be indoors. Can be a little nervous to begin with. 

Tilley approx 3years old - Homed

Say hello to our gorgeous Tilley. She is approx 3years old, spayed and microchipped. She is a quiet good natured little cat. Would suit a quiet home with no other pets and older children. She would be an ideal indoor cat. She also prefers dried food. Please email  us if you are interested. A home check will be required. x x x

2 lovely young girls for homing - Homed

Just picked up these 2 lovely girls. Another pair that seemed to have abandoned. We think they are sisters. They are about only babies approx 8-9 months old. They are both black&white and both long haired. Will get them checked this week by our vets and all being well they will be up for adoption. Would like them to go together. Email us if interested. 
Please note a home check will be required.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mr Floppy Ears - Homed

Another of our beautiful boys up for adoption is Mr Floppy Ears! This lovely boy came in to Catwel in a bit of a state. He was un-neutered so was fighting with other cats to secure his territory. His ears are cauliflowered and probably will remain this way. He is so lovely so dont let his battle scars put you off. He has a sweet nature. He is approx 2-4 years old has been neutered, microchipped, treated for fleas,worms and ear mites. He loves his dried food and will eat most wet and dry foods. He is just happy to be cared for and gets more and more grateful everyday. If this boy could speak he could tell a tale or two.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tallulah - 5/6 year old female Homed

My name is Tallulah
My first rule of thumb
I don't say where I'm going
Or where I'm coming from
I try to leave a little reputation behind me...
So if you really need to
You'll know how to find me.......... At Catwel!

My name is Tallulah
Why not give me a try
I'll take what you give me
And I won't ask why
I've a lot of friends
In some exotic places
I don't remember names
But I remember faces
You don't have to be lonely
Come and see Tallulah
We can chase your troubles away, oh
If you're lonely
You don't have to be lonely
When they talk about Tallulah
You know what they say
No one south of Heaven's
Gonna treat you finer
Tallulah had her training
In Catwel's Diner
My name is Tallulah
And soon I'll be my new home
An open invitation
Is the road I'll travel on
I'll never say goodbye
Because the words upset me
You may forgive my going
But you won't forget me
As the song says come and see our lovely Tallulah. She is a gorgeous 5-6 year old semi long haired black female cat. She really is a people person but isn't keen on other cats. She is wary of children so older children would be ideal. She is spayed, microchipped and de flea and de wormed. Tallulah is waiting to meet you. Please not a home check will be required. email if interested.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Maisie - homed

Our lovely Maisie is back from The Cardiff Cat Clinic. Michael has carried out the removal of her thyroid and she has had a dental. She is so affectionate and truly adorable, She will be ready to go to a new home really soon. She is approx 10 years old and seems to like other cats, as she previously lived with other cats being from the closed rescue that Catwel has been helping If you can offer this beautiful girl a home please email if you are interested. Please note a home check will be required

Heidi & Betty - homed

This gorgeous Mum and Daughter are need of a new home together, They were taken in from a closed down rescue centre. Mum is 7 years old and the daughter is 6 years old. Mum (Heidi) is extremely cuddly and cwtchy but the daughter (Betty) is a little shy. If you would like to offer these two beauties a new home please email us Note a home check will be required.